About Us

We are a family business staffed by caring people whose number one consideration is you, our patient.  We take appointments so that you can plan ahead, but also see walk-in patients because we know that illness and injury can’t be predicted.  We want to be there for you when you need us.  Many of our patients have been coming to us for over twenty years.  They appreciate the personal attention from familiar caring people.  Our patients also appreciate that we don’t have to send them all over town to get tests done.  Many tests can be done right in our office.  We can do a variety of procedures, from x-rays to EKG’s as well as many lab tests, right in our office. We will take the best possible care of you and when it is best to refer you to a specialist, we will.  Plain and simple, our goal is to keep our patients as healthy and happy as possible.  Isn’t that what healthcare is supposed to be about after all?



We provide travelers with current information about immunization for hepatitis, tetanus, polio, etc , and are also knowledgeable about unique health concerns. We also provide anti-malarial medications appropriate for the area you are visiting.  Dr. Champlin has extensive experience in third world travel. An appointment, at least 4 – 6 weeks prior to your trip, is recommended.

Dr. Champlin is a DAN trained hyperbaric physician and very experienced diver.     The Med Center can provide both recreational and professional divers with a full range of evaluations and surveillance services including radiographs, spirometry and EKG.